We heart Danny Brito...

Why? Because we love sew-on patches, we love kitsch art, we love cats, we love dogs, we love randomness, and we love art. Danny Brito appears to share these passions, and therefore we love Danny Brito! Check out more of Danny’s work here. Enjoy!

Kitsch Hipster Garden Gnomes...

If you’d like to add a kitschy touch to your garden, but haven’t found the perfect accompaniment for your pot plants… today might just be your lucky day. These hipster garden gnomes and sweater wearing woodland animals are made by La La Land in Sydney. La La Land is a […]

Random Coolness... Kitschy Decor!

Hello and a very happy weekend to you! I’ve been a long time fan of kitschy, retro, quirky, and fun accessories for the home, office, or verandah. There’s nothing like an oddball find to cheer up the place and tickle your guest’s fancy during a Sunday after soiree amidst martinis, lounge music, and […]

Creative Cravings... Keepin' it Kitsch

Hi folks! Today I’ve assembled a collection of kitschy toys, clothing, decor, art, jewellery and homewares which I hope will appeal to your quirky side. These are all goodies that are currently residing on my favourites list just waiting for me to find some excuse to add them to my shopping cart! Have […]