Lovely Linens by Chasing Mini

Natural linens have made quite a come back in recent years and make a lovely addition a summer wardrobe due to their breathable fibres and crisp texture. This collection comes to you from a very special Brisbane label called Chasing Mini. There’s a whole range of precious pastels in store, […]

Designer of the Week - Boondie Baby

On Saturday afternoon, I experienced one of those moments that makes me truly appreciate the creative wonder that is {KID} independent. I made a trip to visit a friend with a newborn, to gift her with a delicious Boondie Baby mini fleecy and matching comfort toy, and to seek her […]

Handmade Linen Lovelies

Today’s post is all about linen and the loveliness that goes along with it. You don’t see linen around as much these days, but as you can see from the images below, when it’s left in the care of talented hands, the finished product is exquisite.

What’s to […]