Creative Cravings... Roar Like You Mean It

The majestic lion… king of the jungle… big sharp teeth, ferocious roar,  lustrous golden mane. Today theme is a celebration of my favourite big cat. Here you’ll find handmade toys, puppets, decor, and leggings. All of these guys have a quirky, friendly, and sometimes fierce appeal. I especially adore the little black and […]

Lions + Tigers + Anny Who!

Today’s style inspiration comes to you courtesy of Anny Who. Based in Germany, this design studio creates a range of certified organic kids clothing and funky decor. I’ve got my eye on the monotone lion and tiger cushions, and also adore the citrus pop on the Bandito Bird leggings. Anny […]

Meet Lex Lion from Esthex Town...

This is Lex. He lives in Esthex town, and he always dreamed of being a carpenter. He likes to make stuff. He also likes adventures and meeting new friends. He is 50cm tall and is suitable for all ages. Oh, and he comes in backpack and cushion form too! He’s […]

World T-shirt Tour - Tweet Design

DAY FIVE… Step right up, step right up! It’s the {KID} independent World T-shirt Tour… Prepare to be to amused, enchanted and mystified by the amazing and daring lion tamer! She’s poised, she’s graceful, she’s brave and adventurous… and she’s coming to a playground near you! Introducing our friends at