Nostaglic Toys by Plyroom

You may know the folks over at Plyroom for their super cool furniture range. Well today we’re excited to share their beautiful new range of toys. We’re crazy about the wood and leather cameras, and those satchels…. yes please! Click on over to Plyroom to view the full range (order […]

Designer of the Week - SPATZ

Hi folks! I’m a bit of a sucker for cute personalised gear for kids, and this month I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Leany fromĀ Spatz. Leany creates a range of custom kids clothing, bags, labels, decor, superhero capes and more… as well as few goodies for mums and […]

Magnificent Messenger Bags by Meisen auf Reisen

Happy Monday! I hope this little collection of children’s messenger bags from Meisen auf Reisen gives you a cheerful start to a fabulous week! Considering that their website is in German, and I can’t remember any of my German language skills from grade 8 (it was a long time ago), I […]

Stylish Mamas... Cute Messenger Bags

Friday afternoon, watching the clock tick down slowly, waiting for the weekend fun to begin… the perfect time for some smile inducing retail therapy! I spied these super cute messenger bags / satchels from Turkish designer Colorsurfer this week. They come in all sorts of playful colours, and are affordable […]