The Magificent Miss M... Millaruby Designs!

Hi folks, did you make it through Monday unscathed? It’s a shame to see the end of the public holidays for a few weeks; bring on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend! Today I’m excited to give you a little sneaky peek at the winter collection from one of my favourite independent stores,

Plushie Palooza - MillaRuby Designs

Welcome to day fourteen of the Plushie Palooza Toy Festival. Today’s boyish baccanneer is handmade by Caddie from MillaRuby Designs. If Pirate Pete shivers your timbers, don’t forget to tell us in the comments section below. Each comment will count as a vote for MillaRuby Designs towards the […]

Handmade Toys by MillaRuby Designs + Giveaway

A couple of weeks ago I spied a little amigurumi polar bear at MillaRuby Designs and promptly added him to my favourites list. I soon discovered that he also has a bunch of fabulous handmade friends including walrus, panda, elephant, monkey, seal and squid…

Speaking of handmade […]

The Handmade Menagerie by Milla Ruby Designs

I was delighted to receive an invitation this week from the lovely Caddie at Milla Ruby Designs to take a stroll through her handmade haven… or as I prefer to call it, The Handmade Menagerie! Why? Every time I have the pleasure of wandering on by there’s a new furry […]