Miniature Kitchenware by Mini Fanaberia

This morning I stumbled upon these frankly incredible creations by Mini Fanaberia and had an overwhelming desire to buy a dolls house simply so that I may furnish it with miniature cutlery, coffee machine, toaster, and Kitchen Aid!! The price point of these goodies puts them firmly in the realm […]

Sweet Little Softies by Nuff Nuff Toys

I stumbled across these miniature delights from Nuff Nuff toys whilst hunting for some Easter treats for the KID clan. I’ve subsequently ear-marked the cute little pink bunny in the middle row as my favourite discovery thus far. The Nuff Nuff range is handmade from felt and yarn by Daniela […]

Creative Cravings - The Itty Bitty Bunny

He might be very small. That’s right, he ain’t too tall. But don’t confuse him with an ant, he hops, he doesn’t crawl. He’s quirky and he’s cute; he wears a furry suit. But we can’t wait, all day I say, it’s time for him to scoot. It’s Easter don’t you know; around […]

Pocket Zombies by Charlotte & Stewart

It seems that Zombies are getting cuter and cuter. I’m quite concerned that if I ever have the misfortune of meeting one, this unsettling cuteness will lull me into a false sense of security and I’ll end up with a half-eaten brain! I think my best bet is to befriend one of these […]