Adored... Spin a Rainbow Homespun Wool Mittens

Things are beginning to get awfully chilly around here and we’ve started popping mittens on the little folk when we go out for our early evening walk. Today I’d like to share my favourite pair, a hand knitted set from Jo at Spin a Rainbow. Jo resides in beautiful Tasmania […]

Smiley Saturday... Rainbow Mittens!

These lovely multi-coloured mittens and fingerless gloves are made in Latvia by Rainbow Mittens. There’s a huge range of colourways to choose from in bright cheerful colours designed to make you smile on a chilly winter morning. It’s tough to pick out your favourites though, so if you’d like a […]

Super Cute Fingerless Gloves for Kids

Wahhh! Happy Saturday sweetness folks. This adorable collection of handmade fingerless gloves for kids is made by Pomber in Budapest, Hungary. I’ve featured a pair of cuties on KID independent before, but with winter just around the corner now, I thought I’d share a few more of my favourite. I’m […]

Creative Cravings... Mitten-gating Circumstances

Hey-ho! My fingers have started get a bit too frosty in the mornings now that we’re so close to winter, and as such, I was inspired to pick out a few pairs of mittens (and fingerless gloves) for today’s Creative Cravings. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but I must admit, those googly-eyed […]