Fresh Baked Friday, A Tribute to the Electric Guitar

Can you believe it’s Friday already? I’m feeling a bit sad that we’ve come to the end of Groove Week, but it’s been a super fun ride! I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have. Today’s Fresh Baked Friday pays tribute to the electric guitar. I suggest reading it to

Musical Youth... What's My Scene?

It’s day four of Groove Week folks, and today’s post is my favourite so far. I hope it brings back plenty of nostalgic memories from your youth and inspires you to create new memories with your little ones… Note: this post should be read with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

It doesn’t […]

Rock music tees... twelve of the best

Sliding on in to day three of Groove Week, I thought I’d share some cool havens for finding music inspired t-shirts… after all, t-shirts are the number one staple of the little folk wardrobe. As always I found it hard stopping at just twelve as there are so many cool kids labels on […]

Creative Spaces... Live the Music

It’s day two of Groove Week! Today’s topic… how to create an awesome music inspired kids room. This is a theme that kids can appreciate more with age and can build on as their music taste develops. It’s customisable to any genre of music; and is interactive, educational and super fun! Today’s soundtrack… […]