What does a Panda sound like?

Hi friends, I hope your Monday morning is off to a fabulous start. This post comes to you from the “things-I-want-just-because-they’re-awesome” vault. It’s a Panda Ukulele by Celentano Woodworks and if I had a spare $600 it would be mine! Do you think it’s asking to much if I put […]

Music Week - Got Rhythm?

Welcome to day three of music week! Today we’ve decided to make some noise! It’s all about instruments of the world. Learn how to appreciate the grooves, beats and rhythms and try your hand a making some music yourself. If you don’t have the real thing handy… why not start a pots and […]

Creative Spaces... Live the Music

It’s day two of Groove Week! Today’s topic… how to create an awesome music inspired kids room. This is a theme that kids can appreciate more with age and can build on as their music taste develops. It’s customisable to any genre of music; and is interactive, educational and super fun! Today’s soundtrack… […]