GIVEAWAY - MarmarSuperstar Necklace Set

Do your kids love to accessorise? Are their imaginations inspired by unicorns, monkeys, and cool cats? Are you looking for a lovely gift for the holiday season? Perhaps Mark Poulin from MarmarSuperstar can help! We’re just loving this fun collection of interchangeable pendants, [...]

Porcerlain Jewellery by and O design

Today’s style inspiration comes to you from and O design in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. These stunning jewellery pieces are crafted by Japanese artist Yumi Ando and are shaped from porcelain, earthernware and raku before being decorated by hand. I’ve picked out [...]

Hug a Porcupine...

Hug a Porcupine has one of the quirkiest business names that I’ve heard in a while and after piquing my interest with a cool and somewhat terrifying visual image, I laid eyes on this collection of brooches. These guys make a collection of [...]

Designer of the Week - HARPER+HUDSON

Today I have the pleasure of introducing a stylish and practical collection of nontoxic chewable jewellery for modern mums by HARPER+HUDSON. The range is designed by Jennifer Admon, a dietician with a special interest in children’s health and wellbeing. Today we review the [...]