Label Love... Oomph & Floss!

I recently had stumbled across an amazing Australian children’s label called Oomph & Floss, and I thought to myself, WHY did I not know about these guys sooner? Their collection has a Scandi vibe and is all kinds of quirky and cheerful. My personal favourite is Rumba the hippo, and […]

Label Love... Earth Baby!

When it comes to children’s clothing, especially for the toddler and preschooler crowd, I’m always drawn to bright, bold colours and playful patterns. This handmade collection from Earth Baby in Maryland, USA caught my eye earlier in the week and I’ve been tossing up which item is my favourite ever […]

Apple Obsession + 25% off at Bink Kids!

Over the past few years we’ve introduced you to some incredibly friendly and fashionable folks here on KID independent. One of our favourites is Karina from Bink Kids. Her service is outstanding, her emails are super cheerful, and her collection is vibrant, quirky, and always fun. Our top pick from […]

KID tested... Moon Jelly Organic Cot Quilts

Every Autumn, as a Queenslander, I spend a great deal of time complaining about the heat… When is going to cool down? When will we get a chance to use all of our gorgeous winter goodies!? Well this week, we have some chill! Woohoo! So, with that exciting news in mind, please allow […]