Australian T-shirt Tour - Cheeky Chickadee

DAY 30 – I looooooove pandas, and this new release from the super fun folks at Cheeky Chickadee is all kinds of lovely. You’ll find this print in tees, harem pants, swing tops, onesies, rompers, dresses, and headbands! Just gorgeous! Each garment is lovingly handmade in Sydney, NSW, from 100% certified […]

Creative Cravings... Panda-Extravaganza

What’s black and white and cute all over? Pandas of course… and I’ve got ten fabulously creative and imaginative representations of this precious species to share with you today. It all started with the Blamo Panda Art Toy on the top right, isn’t he magnificent?

For the love […]

Meet Sherlock Fox and Friends!

I always have a tough time editing down my handmade selections to just one or two; especially when the collections are as cute as this!  These art toys are handmade by Marie Chou in Hainaut, Belgium. I had decided that my favourite was Sherlock Fox. However, then I saw My […]

What does a Panda sound like?

Hi friends, I hope your Monday morning is off to a fabulous start. This post comes to you from the “things-I-want-just-because-they’re-awesome” vault. It’s a Panda Ukulele by Celentano Woodworks and if I had a spare $600 it would be mine! Do you think it’s asking to much if I put […]