Terralings Paper Toys by Dewmuffins!

Hey folks, it’s been a gloomy & rainy weekend so far and I’ve been looking for some indoor activities to enjoy. Our friends over at Dewmuffins have saved the day with their new series of paper toys called the Terralings! They are free to download, easy to print and assemble, […]

Creative Cravings... Panda-Extravaganza

What’s black and white and cute all over? Pandas of course… and I’ve got ten fabulously creative and imaginative representations of this precious species to share with you today. It all started with the Blamo Panda Art Toy on the top right, isn’t he magnificent?

For the love […]

Creative Cravings... Lovely Little Llamas!

I had a little Llama, his name was Fuzzy Mike. I slept with him at night time and raced him on my bike. He sat right at the table, and shared my scrumptious lunch. Although he was quite cheerful, I had a little hunch. Perhaps he wasn’t happy, living in my house. Perhaps […]

10 Crafty Things To Make/Do These School Holidays

School holidays are a magical time when you’re a kid. They are filled with endless possibilities and a new found freedom that makes you feel like you can take on the world! Today I’ve invited the lovely Deni Fowle from Free Range Living to drop by and share some crafty […]