Bread&Jam Super Cool Wooden Pencil Box

So I was randomly frittering around Etsy… as I often do… and I stumbled across these screen printed wooden pencil boxes fromĀ Bread&Jam. I promptly fell in lust, clicked on the familiar little “heart” and added these to the very top of my “awesome-gifts-for-secret-santa” list. Oh, and they also make a […]

MinneBITES... and Mini Bugs!

Happy Monday! In today’s post, I’d like to change your mind about bugs. They might freak you out when they land on your knee, or creep around your kitchen late at night, but when they’re crafted with designer fabrics as cute as this… well, they’re a pure delight! The MinneBITES […]

Sweet Pencil Cases by Lucy Blaire Handmade

I hit the stores looking for a new pencil case this week, and was ambushed by hideous mass produced skulls, princesses and cartoon characters as far as my little eye could see… that was until I stumbled across these swoon-worthy designs from Lucy Blaire Handmade and promptly fell head over […]