Magic Jelly - Art, Illustration, Oddments & Novelties

Sometimes I stumble across a new store that I love so very much that I just can’t wait a single second longer to swoon about it. Today’s object of my affection is Magic Jelly, a sweet little online boutique with all sorts of whimsy and loveliness. Here’s a little sample […]

Handmade Hijinks with Were Rabbit!

These mischievous teddy bears from Were Rabbit gave me a bit of a smile this morning, and I hope they’ll do the same for you. Each one is crocheted by hand, with adorable hand embroidered features. I also noticed that Were Rabbit are having a June sale, so if you […]

Puppies vs Kittens... a HMCdesigns Giveaway!

Hip Hip Hooray, it’s giveaway day! I’m super chuffed to bring you a collection of furry goodness today from our friends at HMCdesigns. Creative brains behind the operation, Heidi, designs all of her goodies in a little studio in chilly Melbourne. Which side of the fence are you on? Smitten […]

You've got me pinned...

What is it about pinback buttons that amuses and delights me? Maybe it’s because I was a child of the 80s. Or perhaps it’s because for a couple of bucks you add charm, wit and whimsy to your attire. I like to buy them to pin on the noticeboard that sits by my […]