World T-shirt Tour - Internaht

DAY TWENTY-FIVE… Th’ band ‘o pirates have been making quite an impression on this year’s World T-shirt Tour! I’m starting to think we might have a mutiny on our hands! Luckily I’m in jolly mood after International Talk Like A Pirate Day. After all, you can never have too many eye-patches, skulls and […]

World T-shirt Tour - b. children's wear

DAY ELEVEN… Yo ho ho, ’tis the hour to hoist another t-shirt up th’ flag pole to celebrate day eleven ‘o our seven seas t-shirt tour! Allow me to introduce ye to Pepe th’ scurvy pirate, a brave ‘n noble cap’n wit’ a mighty sword ‘n a fightin’ spirit! Masterfully crafted by our […]

Creative Cravings... Handmade and DIY Boats!

Hoist the sails and raise the anchor! Today’s feature is especially for the adventurous types. Those who dream of sailing the seven seas, discovering new lands, and hunting for hidden treasures. Be ye a pirate, a captain, or a first mate, it’s a loving day for sailing. There’s tons of DIY ideas to […]

Fresh Baked Friday - Eye Patches are COOL!

The lovely daughter of one of my close friends has being seeing an eye specialist recently and has been instructed to wear an eye patch to heal her eye. She is most unimpressed with this situation, so this post is especially for little Miss Mia… because… EYE PATCHES ARE COOL!