Putumayo Kids Presents... Australian Playground!

As lovers of music, and proud Aussies, we’re very excited today to share the brand new release from Putumayo Kids: Australian Playground! The album features ten catchy tracks from Indigenous artists and singer-songwriters and mixes good old fashioned storytelling with cheerful beats and Aussie [...]

American Playground by Putumayo Kids

Our friends over at Putumayo Kids are releasing their brand new CD next week, American Playground. It’s filled with ten classic American songs that are perfect for sing-a-longs. You’ll instantly know the words, because these are treasured tracks that are much loved by families [...]

Fresh Baked Friday - World Sing-Along

The folks at Putumayo Kids have just released a new album called World Sing-Along, which includes 11 songs from a variety of cool artists (Dan Zanes, Angelique Kidjo, Asheba, Frances England, Father Goose, etc.), and ends with the beautiful “Around the World” by the Pihcintu Multinational Children’s Chorus. [...]

Putumayo Kids Presents Cowboy Playground

Yeeeehaa! Got a little bit of a soft spot for country music, a fiddle or two, a laid back easy listening beat and splashes of western swing? The folks at Putumayo Kids will be releasing a new cowboy themed album on 22 May, 2012 [...]