Handmade Dolls by Anne's Corner

These beautiful handmade dolls by Anne’s Corner are simply delightful. They feature lovely embroidered faces, removable clothing, child-friendly materials, and can be custom designed to your specifications (i.e. with different hairstyles). Turnaround time is around 2 weeks, and reasonably priced international shipping is available (plenty of time for Christmas deliveries… […]

Handmade Dolls by Hello Lucy

These handmade dolls by Hello Lucy caught my eye this week and promptly landed on my gift list. I love the playfulness and charm of these little ladies, and their outfits and hand painted features make these a true collectors item. You can view the full collection via the Hello […]

Handmade Dolls by Mio Múcaro Creatures

Happy Monday! Please enjoy these eco-friendly dolls by Mio Múcaro Creatures. Each doll is hand crafted in Brooklyn, NY, using 100% Cotton fabric (custom printed with Eco-friendly, water-based ink) and filled with non-allergenic, eco-friendly 100% PLA fibres. Incredibly adorable!

Handmade Dolls by A kiss from Charlie

If you’re a regular reader of KID independent you won’t be surprise to hear how much I adore these handmade dolls by A kiss from Charlie. Each doll is hand stitched, with adorable felt heart cheeks, button jointed arms, and 100% merino wool hair. Perfect for a decorator piece or […]