Kidecals DIY Labels + Homemade Jam!

Hey folks! Today’s feature is a bit of a hybrid, mixing up adorable personalised labels by kidecals with delicious homemade jam! Kidecals have heaps of label designs to choose from, but my favourite item in the collection is the waterproof DIY jar labels. Check out our review below, visit kidecals […]

Simply Scrumptious Santa Snacks

Ho Ho Happy Christmas Eve! We’re counting down the minutes until the big guy’s grand arrival and have been discussing all sorts of technical details, such as how Santa’s Sleigh can fly all around the world in one night, whether he dresses in the same outfit everyday (even in July) and how he […]

Printable 2012 Calendar by Chibi Run!

Thank you so much, Indi, for letting me take on this super fun role as guest contributor for Kid Independent this Christmas! Today’s guest post involves a special end-of-year treat for everyone – a lovely 2012 Printable Calendar that is chock full of all things girly, vintage and cute!

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Baking Fun... Danish Pebernødder!

I love a good opportunity to get in the kitchen and bake up some festive treats. Today our friend Gillian Rose, founder of Danish by Design, has dropped by to share her recipe for traditional Danish Pebernødder {Pepper Nuts}. The recipe is tons of fun to bake with your kids […]