Are we there yet? Music for holiday road trips!

The road trip is a right a passage for every child and a test of patience for every grown-up. Only the bravest {or craziest} of parents would attempt to hit the road without an arsenal of snacks and activities to keep whipper snappers entertained. So for today’s indie gift guide I’ve composed a […]

Kids Music Review… Swimming in Noodles

This week I had the pleasure of listening to a new release CD from kindy rock god Jim Cosgrove. Jim is well known for his energetic and whimsical tunes that are super fun for listening, dancing and sing-a-longs. Swimming in Noodles is a collaboration between Jim and Grammy-nominated produced Tor […]

Kids Music Review... Folksy Rock by Grenadilla

I love the opportunity to share new music, so today I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce Kwela-based music collective Grenadilla. I’ve enjoyed several listens to their self-titled CD now and it’s been very well received in our household. These guys have a folksy rock feel, with energetic vibrant […]

Fresh Baked Friday, A Tribute to the Electric Guitar

Can you believe it’s Friday already? I’m feeling a bit sad that we’ve come to the end of Groove Week, but it’s been a super fun ride! I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have. Today’s Fresh Baked Friday pays tribute to the electric guitar. I suggest reading it to