Adorable handmade softies by Ribryba...

This delightful little unicorn softie popped up in my email this morning and I absolutely couldn’t resist sharing the sweetness! Aptly named “Twinkle” this unicorn is handmade from an original Ribryba pattern. Twinkle belongs to an adorable crew of handmade Ribryba toys, including lambs, dragons, rabbits, foxes, pigs, koalas, and more! […]

Amazing Amigurumi by Flaming Pot

I officially developed a design crush on Flaming Pot after spying a pair of adorable crocheted fox dolls during one of my regular Etsy browsing sessions. Made with 100% cotton yarn, these guys have oodles of character, and are available in a range of custom colours as well. If you […]

Smiley Saturday... Slastidolls!

These handmade dolls by Slastidolls warm my heart, as you can see from the photos below just how much care and detail goes into creating them. Each doll features hand embroidery and is made to order for each lucky recipient. These little creations are truly unique and are suitable not only […]

Meet the Bambaks... Quirky Handmade Toys!

Hey folks, here’s a little feature that’s sure to make you smile. These quirky creatures are called Bambaks and they are lovingly handmade in Gdańsk, Poland. Today I’ve assembled a selection of my personal favourites, and have the absolute pleasure of sharing a little peek into the creative mind of […]