Creative Cravings... Last Days of Winter

Hooray for the weekend! Today I’ve assembled an adorable collection of winter dolls and softies… enjoying their last opportunity to snuggle up in their winter scarves before spring arrives and the weather starts to warm up. I’m going to miss scarf season! It’s such a lovely time of year. Happy weekend friends!

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Fresh Baked Friday... Foggiebops!

What do you get when mix a bunch of tweed wool fabric, a handful of linen, a couple of charming buttons, and some smiley stitches? Foggiesbops of course! Sweet, cuddly, and little bit vintage, these cuties are handmade from a combination of new and recycled materials. With a choice of […]

Precious Plushies by We Love Stitches!

Today’s cuddly collection of cuteness comes to you from We Love Stitches in Singapore. Each of these critters is handmade from felt and fabrics, in a choice of plushies, brooches, keychains, and home decor. The little mint bear in the top middle is my personal favourite. You can view the […]

Creative Cravings... Feelin' Fuzzy!

We’re kicking off the weekend with this quirky and colourful collection of fabulous fuzzy friends. As always, it’s tough to pick a favourite… although I must say, the big haired Ellie E. Eglington by Needlings and the Forest of Fru Monster by Stuffed Silly are terribly difficult to beat! I’m also loving the […]