Valentine's Day Cards For Your Dreamboat...

Hey folks! Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. My hubby and I don’t really do Valentine’s Day gifts, as we’ve kind of outgrown it over the years. However, we do exchange cards with a sweet message and pop open a bottle of wine once the kidlets are fast asleep in bed! Here’s a […]

Happy Valentine's Day... Handmade Hearts!

Happy Valentine’s Day, I hope you enjoy your day sharing the love around with your family and friends. In the spirit of things made from love… here’s a little selection of handmade hearts! I’m off to breakfast at my favourite cafe to share Valentine’s Day with someone very special in my life… coffee!!! […]

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue...

Tomorrow is Valentines Day so today I thought I’d share a little bit of heart-filled inspiration that you might like to use to spoil your sweetie. Don’t have a sweetie in your life at the moment? Then spoil yourself! After all, you work hard, you’re important, you have a beautiful smile, you’re loveable, […]

Special Delivery for Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so today we’re celebrating love with a special delivery feature from Kate Grenier Designs, courtesy of our friends at Kindred Gifts. Would you like to join in the fun? All you have to do is finish this sentence… I love […]