Roxyoxy Creations - Vintage Art Collection

We met Jacinta from Roxyoxy Creations back in 2012 when we featured some of her exquisitely handcrafted artwork. Today I’d like to share her new vintage range, which brings Jacinta’s love for Holly Hobbie and Sarah Kay, back to life. Jacinta’s art involves many hours of cutting and crafting and […]

The Magical World of Trish Grantham

Trish Grantham creates amazing artwork from acrylics, watercolour, and vintage books. Her style is a little bit magical, kind of like stepping into a dream… or a fairytale world filled with friendly creatures. You can buy a few limited edition pieces by Trish Grantham online at Etsy, […]

Vintage Art by Twice Designs

Regular readers of {KID} independent will be well aware of my love affair with vintage toys, artwork and paper ephemera. This week a little email popped up in my inbox with some creations by Sydney based designer Sarah Barnett from Twice Designs. Sarah recycles vintage goodies to create one-off and […]