Creative Cravings... Keepin' it Kitsch

Hi folks! Today I’ve assembled a collection of kitschy toys, clothing, decor, art, jewellery and homewares which I hope will appeal to your quirky side. These are all goodies that are currently residing on my favourites list just waiting for me to find some excuse to add them to my shopping cart! Have […]

Fresh Baked Friday... View to the Weekend

Do you remember the iconic View-Master stereoscope toys that were released in the early 60s? I wasn’t around then, but the one I owned was an 80s model that came with a bunch of Disney stories. It’s a piece of nostalgia that most of us remember from our younger years… so today’s theme […]

A mighty cool vintage Rudolph Rocker!

This, my friends, is one of the reasons why I love Etsy. Amazing vintage finds! Of course, this amazing Rudolph Rocker happens to be located in the USA, and I imagine he would cost a bomb to ship out to Australia (unless he hitched a ride with Santa), but that doesn’t reduce his […]

My Collections... Missy from Boopsie Daisy

Hello friends! Oh boy, do I have a treat for you today! The lovely Missy Munday from Boopsie Daisy is here to share one of her vintage collections. About 3 years ago, I started a treasured little collection of squeak dolls by Ruth E. Newman along with some Kewpies and […]