Fresh Baked Friday... King of All Wild Things!

I recently commissioned this amazing sign from the stylish folks at Colour and Spice. You’ll likely recognise these famous words from the masterpiece, ‘Where The Wilds Things Are’. The sign is lasercut from bamboo and is finished with a light natural wax to enhance the grain. I decided to add […]

Nostalgic Storybook Decor by The Dutch Hospital

Last month we introduced you to Anji from handmade label, The Dutch Hospital. Anji creates super cool ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ wall letters, which we adore, and today we’d like to share a few of her other creations too. We’re kind of crushing on the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ blocks… […]

Designer of the Week - The Dutch Hospital

Hello friends! Regular readers of KID independent will be familiar with our love for all things wild. So it’s with great pleasure today that we introduce you to Anji and her handmade label The Dutch Hospital. Anji creates these amazing ‘Where The Wild Things Are’ crown letters and we’re all […]

Designer of the Week - Peter Pan Prints

Any Maurice Sendak fans in the house? Today we’re super excited to share this collection of children’s artwork from Peter Pan Prints… in particular, the ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ designs. These guys create children’s storybook art featuring fun quotes from classics such as Winnie the Pooh, Alice in Wonderland, […]