World T-shirt Tour - Swearhouse

DAY TWENTY-SEVEN… What do you call a seriously adorable geometric design? Acute angle! Ba-dum, tish! You might also call it the latest offering from Rotterdam handmade children’s label, SwearHouse. Storming in to day 27 of our World T-shirt Tour, we have the SwearHouse Triangle Tee; an edgy, urban design with […]

World T-shirt Tour - Well Spotted

DAY TWENTY SIX… We’re on the home stretch of our final leg in the World T-shirt Tour and we’re amp(ersand)ing things up a bit with a terrific twosome! These typographic tees come to you from the intriguing mind of Sydney-based designer, Tony from well spotted!

World T-shirt Tour - Internaht

DAY TWENTY-FIVE… Th’ band ‘o pirates have been making quite an impression on this year’s World T-shirt Tour! I’m starting to think we might have a mutiny on our hands! Luckily I’m in jolly mood after International Talk Like A Pirate Day. After all, you can never have too many eye-patches, skulls and […]

World T-shirt Tour - Little Pickers

DAY TWENTY-FOUR…¬†Once upon a time in a beautiful place called Tasmania, there lived a designer named Christina who loved to create precious t-shirts for little lads and lassies. She tried all sorts of colours, in blue & yellow & green… but one day, she decided to try the prettiest pink she had ever […]